Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Review 3

So far the Rhodesians are coming along nicely but a fair amount remains to be done. I have 4 sticks of RLI and 1 of SAS plus 1 command fig. for a total of 21 figures.

short term: finish the 15+ figures and 3 vehicles I still have sitting around. which will finish a paratrooper section

medium: more heavy weapons and Rhodesian African Rifles

long range: unimogs unimogs unimogs! so I can do a proper external ground raid also some early period figures in the Commonwealth type uniforms.

and that's it. I think I am looking at a 2 year project instead of the year I initial planned. but its still definitely do able.

review 2

Guerrilla forces to this point have turned out really well. I like the motley look of them. I have painted 3o infantry 1 hvy AA gun 2 t-34 and 2 BTR 152

Short term goals: more heavy weapons, Mg's and recoilless rifles maybe some mortars and AA guns.

medium: I need to double the infantry component. add figs with SKS and FN FAL's

long: finish the 2 t-54's I bought and all those little wheels that go with them!


Since I haven't done any thing for the last month on my 2007 project I decided to review my progress to this point. Sometimes it is good to look back on your work and plan your next step. So I will take a look at various parts of the project and plan short and long term goals.

So far in 9 months of working on this period my air assets have turned out fairly good. I am pleased with my basic model working skills although they will win no awards. short term I need to get a Canberra and a c-47/dc-3 for airborne ops. Long term is to finish my 2 alouettes and get 1 more so I can replicate 3 G cars to go with my K car.