Tuesday, April 27, 2010

And yet more French

Something is wrong, more finished French, what is happening to me, I am actually painting! Here are this weeks 9 painted figures. in 3 weeks 28 figures painted, enough for a whole battalion. Crazy.

A score on Ebay!

I have been going to used books stores since I was a little kid. The fun of the hunt and the thrill of the not knowing what you will find has always been a great part of the experience. I have had lots of great finds but one of my all time best coups came today.

With the start of the Internet most things are a click away. the fun of mystery has been replaced with the knowledge that any thing I can think of is probably available if I want to spend enough money.

Trolling through ebay I spotted a copy of David Chandlers campaigns of Napoleon for sale. I have always wanted a copy but it is generally in the $30-60 range. I have been to cheap to pick it up.

so imagine my surprise when I found a copy on the buy it now list for $19.00! and today it arrived. a near mint first edition! with a great dust jacket. life is good.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

More French

Well, those that paint certainly know the dreaded doldrums when nothing is interesting and there is no motivation fora period. but I am having the opposite effect with the wind at my back and the excitement of painting is making it fun again. here are the latest finished figures. once again old glory 28mm French pre-1807. I really enjoy these figures. Great fun and lots of variation.
With all of the new Nap rules on the market it is something of a renaissance for Nap gaming. I am going to base these 4 figures to a base with what seems to be an emerging standard of 40mmx40mm bases. 1 stand per company. this will allow me to use either the rank and file rules by crusader or black powder of general de brigade. all of which I own. I will wait until the last 9 are finished before basing them. current total 19 figures done in 2 weeks. wow, that's something of a freakin record for me!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

In praise of Old Glory

I have seen a lot of postings on sites bashing old Glory by people that do not like them . First, I have to say to a large degree figure beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Anyone remember the old mikes models? They where definitely in the eye of the beholder. and if you don't like OG ,then you don't. However, I have to say I am generaly impressed with what I order. The Boer war line I felt was solid. Thier 1812 range I loved. Here are some napoleonic French pre 1807. When I first got these I was not really impressed with them and they sat on a shelf for the last several months. I finally pulled them out and am glad I did. they really painted up well and have a lot of character. I really love the NCO with the pipe in his hat and the bareheaded guy showing his war face ...ahhh. and in a day and age when 28mm guys are $1.90 to 2.30 apiece these are less then $1.00 apiece.

My long suffering wife ordered a small saxon army for me for my birthday. I have long wanted to do an 1806 campaign. so here are the first.

Friday, April 2, 2010

huzzah! a new period

Well, only sort of a new period. These are Helion miniatures Austro-Prussian war of 1866 figures. I bought them back in October but have just started painting them. This is part of a great line that should encompass all of the major troop types for this period. the figures themselves are on the big side of the 28mm size. lots of detail and a joy to paint. really I haven't had this good a time painting miniatures in awhile. crisp lines that make painting easy. very recommended.

The period it self is a little obscure even for me. but has a lot to offer a gamer. first a great mini line in Helion! plus a fair amount of books on the period also offered at their site. Second it has an interesting array of tactical possibles. Austria had Superior artillery combined with shock tactics for the infantry against Prussians with a superior rifle in the needle gun. I am already thinking it looks like it should have been closer than it was except for dismal Austrian command. Uniforms are mostly colorful with a different mid 19Th century feel about them.