Sunday, April 18, 2010

More French

Well, those that paint certainly know the dreaded doldrums when nothing is interesting and there is no motivation fora period. but I am having the opposite effect with the wind at my back and the excitement of painting is making it fun again. here are the latest finished figures. once again old glory 28mm French pre-1807. I really enjoy these figures. Great fun and lots of variation.
With all of the new Nap rules on the market it is something of a renaissance for Nap gaming. I am going to base these 4 figures to a base with what seems to be an emerging standard of 40mmx40mm bases. 1 stand per company. this will allow me to use either the rank and file rules by crusader or black powder of general de brigade. all of which I own. I will wait until the last 9 are finished before basing them. current total 19 figures done in 2 weeks. wow, that's something of a freakin record for me!

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