Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A score on Ebay!

I have been going to used books stores since I was a little kid. The fun of the hunt and the thrill of the not knowing what you will find has always been a great part of the experience. I have had lots of great finds but one of my all time best coups came today.

With the start of the Internet most things are a click away. the fun of mystery has been replaced with the knowledge that any thing I can think of is probably available if I want to spend enough money.

Trolling through ebay I spotted a copy of David Chandlers campaigns of Napoleon for sale. I have always wanted a copy but it is generally in the $30-60 range. I have been to cheap to pick it up.

so imagine my surprise when I found a copy on the buy it now list for $19.00! and today it arrived. a near mint first edition! with a great dust jacket. life is good.


The 25mm Warrior said...

Book looks fantastic Uncle! Nice grab yo!

Dave said...