Thursday, March 6, 2008

Game on 3/5

This game consisted of a tracker unit of 4RR following a spoor with 2 sticks of RLI troops backing them up. Also on board was a Forward air controller in a Percival Provost.

On the Guerrilla side where 3 squads of fighters for a total of 30 men.

Guerrilla's where setup on graph paper and we used tracking rules to vector the Rhodesians to the right area.

The tracker unit finally made contact with the guerrillas after they where hit in an ambush resulting in 3 WIA for the Rhodesians

sweep line

The 2 sticks of RLI where called in and swept through taking out the first guerrilla position.

new changes to the rules for this game consisted of rolling for wounds vs kills. if the Rhodesians are wounded they have to call for casevac and evac their wounded. doing so gets 1/2 their victory points cost back per casualty figure.

Also any captured guerrillas are worth double their victory point cost. so it becomes worthwhile to exam former enemy positions.

2nd ambush!

Having run into the second group of guerrilla in the same manner as the first. the second stick takes 2 casualties. At which point the Provost is called in.

Provost strike

The Provost delivers 2 rocket attacks and a strafing run. combined with the fire of the remaining stick results in the 2nd squad being
wiped out.

We brought out a rule that was play tested originally called bombshell. which is once contact has been made the guerrilla group can disband and randomly roll for direction for each member of the group. any surviving guerrilla to make an edge of the board count for victory points

The game was called at this point due to time restraints and was an outstanding success! over all casualty's where 1 guerrilla captured, 1 escaped and 18 KIA. the Rhodesians where 3 WIA and`1 KIA. Overall It had the feel of the right amount of damage for both sides Historically. It was also just a narrow Rhodesian victory due to the high victory point cost of the Rhodesian Troopers. Chris and I where both pleased with this latest play test of the rules.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Book Review

Just Received the latest book on the Rhodesian African Rifles called Masodja by Alexander Binda. This one is another great book by 30 degrees south publishing. It comes in the same coffee table type format as the Book on the RLI and includes a DVD.

The book is 400 pages and covers the RAR from WW1 to 1981. The second 200 pages are concerning the Rhodesian bush war. There doesn't apear to be as many pictures as the previous volume and no color pictures at all. However don't let that deter you, there is still a massive amount of pictures and some very good color plates showing the uniforms worn by the regt. From a war gaming perspective the book really shines with the awesome and I do mean awesome maps included. It looks like dozens of small scale maps showing individual skirmishes.

This is another home run by Mr. Binda. At $90.00 it is on the expensive side but for the maps alone I can recommend it. I understand that a history of the Rhodesia Regt is in the works and I for one can't wait.
5 out of 5 stars