Thursday, March 6, 2008

Game on 3/5

This game consisted of a tracker unit of 4RR following a spoor with 2 sticks of RLI troops backing them up. Also on board was a Forward air controller in a Percival Provost.

On the Guerrilla side where 3 squads of fighters for a total of 30 men.

Guerrilla's where setup on graph paper and we used tracking rules to vector the Rhodesians to the right area.

The tracker unit finally made contact with the guerrillas after they where hit in an ambush resulting in 3 WIA for the Rhodesians


Anonymous said...

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Tim Charlesworth said...


I tried getting ahold of you via email without success. There is a new game schedule if you are interested in receiving it. Please get ahold of me at the usual email. Take care. Done.


The 25mm Warrior said...

Where did you play this game at?