Sunday, August 24, 2008

It's been awhile since the last post! I have taken pics of 2 different types of units this time.

Black Rhodesian Forces made up the majority of the Rhodesian Armed forces. This is 2 examples of units.

The First is the Security force Auxiliaries These were Guerrillas that turned themselves in after the first settlement. Primarily used with mixed results in tribal trust lands. weapons include AK 47's and G-3 rifles. They operated under their own officers. Figures are Liberation mini's generic African Government troops with bush hats.

The second unit is an internal affairs section. They where used to defend protected villages. deployed in up to platoon strength with white officers They would be deployed in keeps adjacent to the PV. Used also for sweeps around the PV the khaki uniforms and red hat bands are distinctive to the units. Officers also wore cherry red berets. Figures and the rest of the Lib fig African government troops and a left over SADF trooper.

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