Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Game on 2/20

We attempted a refight of the Monte Cassino Battle concentrating on the Frelimo armoured counterattack. I have taken some liberties with the compostion of forces. What should be 6 T-54 are represented by 2 T-34 and 2 BTR-152. We actually were just play testing the armoured rules.

Early turns saw the advance of Frelimo forces along 2 fronts. AA fire damaged the Lynx forcing it to return to base.

Vampires on target

This game had lots of aircraft, lots of airstrikes and a fair amount of damage. here a Vampire takes out a T-34 of the right hook.

The Hunters turn

Since we were going for an external op Lots of Airpower was allocated for the defenders. Here a Hawker Hunter strike attempts to damage a T-34. No luck this time.

K car

With a AA gun present and stationary for most of the game. I was wondering if we would be experiencing more aircraft losses. Such was not the case. a couple of close calls and the damage to the Lynx was the extent of it.

The Armor battle

The true action of the game was the fire fight between the Eland and The T-34/85. on one hand a poor crew with stalwart hearts in the T-34 on the other hand a veteran armored car that couldn't hit the broadside of a barn! in 2 games the eland has run up the impressive total of 17 shots without a kill. And it isn't a problem with the rules. just terrible dice rolling mixed with fantastic morale rolls on the part of the T-34. But the law of averages finally caught up to the T-34 and failing 1 to many morale checks it beats a hasty retreat. Emboldened by its new found skills the Eland goes on to make a quick kill of the BTR -152.

Overall a good play test of the rules.

Saturday, February 9, 2008


The day has finally arrived. The day I have been waiting for for 8 months. What could be so momentous?

I finally won a canberra on ebay! For some reason I have had the worst luck with this. Generaly ebay has been great for picking up any model you could want for the period. The kit is an out of production one from airfix, so there is always a bidding war when one shows up. The Rhodesians did not use the later models so to be accurate you need a B(1).6 not the later mk 8's. the canopy is all wrong on the later models. I bet I had bid on half a dozen over the last 8 months trying to get one. usually the price is between 20-30 US dollars.

A review of the new canberra will be up shortly.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

More Armoured cars

I understand that the armoured cars would operate in groups of 2 Elands with 2 ferrets. on sweeps in conjuction with the Rhodesia Regt or other unit. I have painted the Eland with camoflaged markings and have added the head from a unused infantry figure. The RHACR were known as the black devils and I wanted to have at least 1 figure with the black beret. This is the same eland that I had painted earlier but was not completely statisfied with. It is always pleasing to fix an earlier project and make it what you wanted it to be in the first place.
After seeing pictures in the new book on the RLI I have started to add brigade insignia to my vehicles. in this case I believe it is the 2nd Bgde, which is a rhino. The Ferrets are from the excellent liberation miniatures range. Both ferrets are the same colors but I added more white to the highlight in the first vehicle on the left. I wanted to make one look more sun beaten. Overall I am fairly pleased with the effect.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Rhodesia Regt Trackers

I have been wondering how best to use these figures. They are part of the Liberation mini's Rhodesian Range Beret and bareheaded pack.

As I understand it the Rhodesian Army followed conventional grooming standards for most units. Therefore men with full beards are out.

The one prominent exception to this rule is the Selous Scouts. However, most of the pictures I have seen with scouts in this uniform are in training excersises.

Reading the new history of the RLI I saw a reference to a unit from the 4th bn of the Rhodesia Regt tracker unit and noted that they all had beards! I found my unit. The trackers were the elite of the RR battalions.

Monday, February 4, 2008

New Rhodesians

It has been a while since I have painted new figures. Here is a selection of new Rhodesians.
The last figure is a conversion. I generally don't bother with conversions but I wanted some Rhodesians with long pants and the more common hat. All the figures are Liberation miniatures South Africans. This is a great company and I have been looking at some of their other lines for figures that will work for the period.
Generally, The South Africans, British with similar head gear and some from the multipurpose range will all pass. I am also wondering if the Israeli paratroopers with British para helmets and FN's might not pass as well. I think 1 or 2 of them might look good mixed in. Any more would probably be over kill.