Saturday, February 9, 2008


The day has finally arrived. The day I have been waiting for for 8 months. What could be so momentous?

I finally won a canberra on ebay! For some reason I have had the worst luck with this. Generaly ebay has been great for picking up any model you could want for the period. The kit is an out of production one from airfix, so there is always a bidding war when one shows up. The Rhodesians did not use the later models so to be accurate you need a B(1).6 not the later mk 8's. the canopy is all wrong on the later models. I bet I had bid on half a dozen over the last 8 months trying to get one. usually the price is between 20-30 US dollars.

A review of the new canberra will be up shortly.


Jason said...

Hey Dave, thanks for the compliments on my trees. I dont know if my return email made it back to you. As for what figs I used for the Selous Scouts, Lib. Modern African Rebels, both bareheads and in bushhat. I sculpted all hats except for the guy in boonie hat with cammo shirt. Cant wait to see your new bomber. Jason

Jason said...

Hey Dave,
What kind and color do you use to paint your Rhodesian vehicles? I think yours are dead on from the pictures Ive seen and would like to duplicate the look, but have been having trouble buying or mixing the right colors.

Dave said...

Hey Jason,

I use vallejo Russian green 70894 and English uniform 70921. Its nice that both the Army and Air Force seem to use the same colors.