Sunday, July 29, 2007

Tough as a tank

The Rhodesians get the first shot in. The armoured car gets two solid hits in damaging the tank. Both shots should have taken out the tank but we where calling the gun a medium gun instead of what it really was vs a WW2 tank a heavy gun. next up using a innovated idea of the game to use initiative chits the SAS call in a loitering Hunter, still no effect. After that are a couple of RPG-7 hits and still no kills. meanwhile the tank passes all morale tests like they are guards.
with the riposte spent the T34 easily goes through the armour of the AC. at least we got something right!

The tank clash

In the actual battle FRELIMO tanks (unclear if T-34/85's or T-54's) advanced on the Rhodesian Armoured car position only to retreat after being hit with 25lb artillery fire.

Reinforcements have now arrived for the Zanla, in the form of FRELIMO tanks and infantry.

The rules have worked well to this point, however I had forgot to tell Chris to bring the tank rules so we kinda made it up on the fly as far as ranges / damage effects and so on. In retrospect we made the 90mm gun on the armoured car to light and the t-34 armour too heavy. we will be replaying this one at a later date with the correct rules.

Friday, July 27, 2007

After intense rocket attacks some ZANLA brake and flee on the hilltop. The Rhodesian forces advancing in rushes under cover of smoke are able to clear the 1st hill.
The rules have worked well to this point giving a good account of infantry combat and movement. interestingly, the Rhodesians have hardly utilized their weapons. in fact, the most important weapon has been the Radio for calling in 25lb artillery and air strikes.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Vampires on target

The first stick of SAS move on the board followed by the Eland. The eland takes up a position to Secure the left flank. Coming under fire form the hilltop fortification the SAS takes a casualty. them pops smoke to conceal their advance. The rules prove to be less than forgiving of dumb mistakes.
The SAS then calls in air strikes, first up, (because I haven't used them yet) is the Vampire. We are still putting the finishing touches on modern air section. The strike proves to be effective and the advance continues.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Game on 7/24

I am going to try something new for this game commentary. instead of putting it all on the blog I am going to put it on over the next several days.
This game was played between myself and Chris H and was a play test of his rules, soon to be published. the scenario was based on a reduced scale or "bathtub" version of the Monte casino battle in Mozambique in 1979. 2 groups of Zanla set up with supporting weapons in trenches on both hill tops. A force of SAS and RLI with armoured and air support need to clear and occupy both hills.
Opening moves consist of the AML-90 and the 1st couple of sticks moving onto the board.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Book Review 5

The primary reason this period is difficult to learn about is the expense of the books involved. you can easily spend hundreds of dollars trying to learn about the period. with that in mind here are a couple of books not to spend money on. This is a combined book review. The 2 books are Rhodesia by Robin Moore and Dead Leaves by Dan Wylie.
Robin Moore of French connection fame apparently lived in Rhodesia for part of 2 years and Wrote about the conflict trying to draw western interest in the war. The first half of the book is a list of atrocities by the guerrilla forces and makes for pretty heavy reading. the 2nd half is small over view of the Rhodesian defense forces and interviews with Americans fighting in Rhodesia.
I can't say this book has much that recommends itself to someone wargaming the period. 1st half is brutal reading the 2nd is very superficial and doesn't go into enough detail. I have seen this book on ebay for as little as $20.00, don't do it. 1 star out of 5.

The 2nd book had potential. it was written by some one doing his national service time and I hoped would give some insight into service with the Rhodesia Regt. On the good side the book is well written but not a lot happens. The Author follows the template of going from boot camp experience to the battlefield and ending with completion of service. Problem is he didn't have the type of service that makes for compelling literature. There is 1 firefight but the book is 190+ pages and it made me think If I were to write a book about my time as a Marine. It might be interesting to me but no one else. new in paperback at $26.00 2 out of 5 stars