Sunday, July 29, 2007

Tough as a tank

The Rhodesians get the first shot in. The armoured car gets two solid hits in damaging the tank. Both shots should have taken out the tank but we where calling the gun a medium gun instead of what it really was vs a WW2 tank a heavy gun. next up using a innovated idea of the game to use initiative chits the SAS call in a loitering Hunter, still no effect. After that are a couple of RPG-7 hits and still no kills. meanwhile the tank passes all morale tests like they are guards.
with the riposte spent the T34 easily goes through the armour of the AC. at least we got something right!


Uiscebot said...

wow - thats stuff funny and cool. Lemme know where you get those toys man they are wierd!! How do you play?

Syr Hobbs said...

Great game so far, I like the new approach. Keep up the great job!