Saturday, July 21, 2007

Game on 7/24

I am going to try something new for this game commentary. instead of putting it all on the blog I am going to put it on over the next several days.
This game was played between myself and Chris H and was a play test of his rules, soon to be published. the scenario was based on a reduced scale or "bathtub" version of the Monte casino battle in Mozambique in 1979. 2 groups of Zanla set up with supporting weapons in trenches on both hill tops. A force of SAS and RLI with armoured and air support need to clear and occupy both hills.
Opening moves consist of the AML-90 and the 1st couple of sticks moving onto the board.

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Shelldrake said...

I look forward to the full report, and i am very interested in learning about the rules... when they are published, could you do a review on them please?

- Ian