Friday, April 2, 2010

huzzah! a new period

Well, only sort of a new period. These are Helion miniatures Austro-Prussian war of 1866 figures. I bought them back in October but have just started painting them. This is part of a great line that should encompass all of the major troop types for this period. the figures themselves are on the big side of the 28mm size. lots of detail and a joy to paint. really I haven't had this good a time painting miniatures in awhile. crisp lines that make painting easy. very recommended.

The period it self is a little obscure even for me. but has a lot to offer a gamer. first a great mini line in Helion! plus a fair amount of books on the period also offered at their site. Second it has an interesting array of tactical possibles. Austria had Superior artillery combined with shock tactics for the infantry against Prussians with a superior rifle in the needle gun. I am already thinking it looks like it should have been closer than it was except for dismal Austrian command. Uniforms are mostly colorful with a different mid 19Th century feel about them.

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