Monday, April 30, 2007

The Rhodesia Regt

This is my latest painting try. These figures are Liberation miniatures South African infantry. They make good cooler weather Rhodesians or paratroopers . The Rhodesian Army had loose uniform regulations for combat units during operations. and wore a variety of headgear so these are a little too uniform but will mix well with other figures.
Why the Title Rhodesia Regt? Well,I intend to use them that way. The RR was the National service regiment of the Rhodesian military. They did do some fireforce work but mostly where involved in ground sweeps sometimes in conjunction with armoured cars. I believe they operated exclusively inside the country.
Also I am not rating them as elite as most other formations and instead of operating as 4 man sticks I am going to have them operating as 8 man squads.
...and apparently I have a stain on the tablecloth...good thing my wife never looks at this blog


The 25mm Warrior said...

I really dig how you can make the miniature stand out from far away. Most make the miniature stand out from a close up but the further away you look at it it all looks one color. These (and all your miniatures) look fantastic on the field with the definitions, shading and contrast popping out at you from a distance. Very cool technique.

johny hop said...

Dear Dave
Really enjoy what your doing. I am getting back into war gaming the Rhodesian Bush War. See my blog at