Monday, December 31, 2007

Motor transport

Just finished these 2 Landrovers. I was inspired to get them after viewing a DVD on the SAS that had 2 landrovers driving over a course and suddenly opening up on a target with front and back GMP's. Shades of David Stirling! Unfortunately I have never read an account of that happening in reality. Although landrovers were used to transport SAS on an external op into Zambia.
These 2 are painted in standard Rhodesian colors. The GMPs are Lib figures weapons. The tire on the hood is left over from the Panhard 90. Both are Liberation miniatures. I am hoping the longer wheel base landrover comes back in stock as well as the bedford trucks. I need to order some crew to go with these vehicles still. They will be useful for a convoy scenario or external raids.


Jason said...

This is an excellent Bolg Dave, I've been following it for a while.Ive put a link to your blog on my blog, Ive just got a few pictures up right now, Selous Scouts, that I converted from Lib. minis, its at Jason's Wargames. I'll be posting alot more soon..some ZIPRA ZANLA guys.
Anyway, can't say enough how much I enjoy checking out your stuff.

johny hop said...

Excellent Blog.
Use of Landrovers was limited due to mine threat. The Rh SAS used long wheelbase Landrovers on the raid into Lusaka. Painted in Zambian army colours - overall green with sand and brown small brush strokes. MAG mounted in rear and forward.
I have made some MAP TCVs etc but many of my models are now in the RAFA Club Bedford Rhodesia at War Collection.

johny hop said...

Hi Dave
I will have to build up my Fireforce again with Paradac etc. I am just completeing two cheetah helicopters which will go to Bedford.
I can send you my plans for MAP TCV 7.5 and 4.5s if you want?
When are we going to see more of the RAR?