Saturday, June 13, 2009

week 3 work

Here is week 3 figs. I completed 8 Boers this week for agrand total of 24 Boers and 1 artillery piece and 18 British. I did not finish anything in week 4. but I am working on 8 more Boers. In the Osprey book volume 2 on the Boer war It shows different color pugrees for the different Boer contingents. I did not want to overdue the look so I just painted a few. The Transvaal used blue or green. my unit has green ones. Orange free state...well you can guess which color they used. and white was used by cape Town rebels. although why you would want to announce that you are a British subject is a little beyond me.

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The 25mm Warrior said...

24 figures in 3 weeks.... awesome!

Gonna be ordering my first Zulus here soon. Gonna need some help with that.

You got an Ospray book for their uniforms?

Never painted dark flesh before.... need some pointers.