Sunday, October 11, 2009


don't you hate when the doldrums strike? I will be all jazzed on a period, start painting and then blah. nothing, no energy, the life has been sucked out of me. Some more resolute souls may take this as a challenge to work harder but not I " brave sir David ran away" to quote a too quoted movie.

What to do when this strikes ...I know find a new period! but in the meantime I have been playing around with some old periods. finished some Liberation 20mm figures for my ongoing Rhodesia project. It's kinda funny I feel like I have finally got the hang on Rhodesian camo and most of my figures are painted. oh well, I have heard that liberation miniatures is coming out with more on this line so maybe I will paint more.

The 2 bare headed chaps are Australian SAS figures from the Vietnam range. I think they look quite good as long pants Rhodesians. One nice thing about these 2 figures is that you can't see jacket lines on either figure which makes it look like they are wearing the 1 pice overall . The other figure is a South African. I have figures from that purchase left over and I am planning to paint them as RAR or support unit or PATU figures. and last is a zipra RPG gunner painted in soviet para camo.

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