Saturday, May 22, 2010

reinforcements have arrived!

First, how many projects start out this way massive outlay of money, diminishing painting returns and finally back of closet never to see the light of day. well this time is different because of 8 a week. 8 a week is my new wargame philosophy. I will just concern myself with painting 8 figures a week. If I want to paint something else, fine paint it. just finish your 8 a week first. It has both rewards and manageable goals built in. so will it last? nah, but let's try!

I have got a little of everything first round of 1806 Saxons, infantry, artillery and cavalry, more French infantry and a 12lb French battery. The Saxons I think look cool in white uni's and are also useful for 1809. The French are really good for the 1805-1807 campaigns but are perfectly useful for the earlier battles as well sans the eagles. But I am sure I well be using them for any battle we play.
And a thank you to my nephew the 25mm warrior. Josh for the French artillery for my birthday. And my wife who every year says "what do you want for your birthday?"and then "oh, you order it yourself".

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The 25mm Warrior said...

Minis for your birthday? Is there a better present?

Your wiffy is a good woman yo!