Sunday, October 24, 2010

A not so new period

It has been a long time since I lasted posted anything. The summer and fall have been spent finishing school. And I have not had any time to paint. Of course now that I can paint I am pretty much out of naps for the moment . So what to do ? Huzzah, a new period !

When I was a child the civil war (American) all ways had a fascination for me. I would pour over my copy of the American heritage civil war book by Bruce Catton and stare for hours at the pictures. Of course I never read it. I in fact still have that very battered book and the pictures are still pretty good and I still haven't read it. It is the one period I have danced around the edges of, painting a unit here or there but never trying to in fact paint a large force for.

Well, now is the time. I have references, I have ospreys and I have a copy of Gettysburg in the dvd player. Time to get busy.

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