Saturday, September 10, 2011

Let's restart the blog Man!

Well, alot has happened since my last post, I finished my degree at 44! moved across country with my wife and cat. (San Diego to Western New York) and started a new job as a Registered Nurse. oh and moved into our 130 year old house. So time to restart the blog.

First if anyone reads this is in the southern tier region of Western New York. let me know. I am looking for some wargaming friends. Good news is I have a painting room, also I have enough room to set up as big a battle as I can imagine, and I can imagine quite a bit.

Painting wise I have been all over the place as I usually am . But I have settled on finishing my Austro Prussian war figures for 1866. I had bought a bunch of these 2 years ago and no sooner did I have them then I heard the range was getting sold. but North Star Miniatures have bought the line and even started to expand it so I am back in.

The Austro-Prussian war has a lot for potential wargamers. While the Austrians got beat pretty handily it seems more as a consequence of vary poor leadership than any thing else. The Artillery was outstanding and while the Austrian tactics were a little dated a combined arms approach could definitely make up for it. At least that is my theory.
Second The uniforms are pretty interesting. I have always a soft spot for funky mid 19Th century look and this conflict has it in spades. Prussians in picklehaubes and Austrians
in in grey overcoats and light blue pants. cool.

Rules wise, I am going with black powder. It has pretty good flexibility which is somewhat necessary in a rules governing this period as each side utilized different tactics. The Prussians will be mounted 6 to a stand for 3 companies and 3 to a stand for 1 company. That will give me 1 company mounted for skirmishing ahead of the rest of the battalion which will be either in line or colum. The Austrians will be mounted 4 figures in 6 companies. I like the look of mounting the figures in company formations and making a reasonable go at correct battalion and brigade tactics. well that's it if anyone is still reading the blog pictures will be posted shortly.

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Unknown said...

Great period to get back into Dave, glad to see you're painting again and doing well.
Chris Herschel