Friday, June 15, 2007

Eland 90

The Rhodesian armoured car Regt Consisted of a variety of home and foreign built armoured vehicles. The heavy firepower was provided by the Elands. This is the south African provided AML-90 AC's. Equipped with a 90 mm gun it was capable of dealing with any armoured forces that were current in southern Africa.

This model is by ACE. it was kind of a pain to put together. molded in white plastic with a fair amount of flash it was sometimes difficult to determine were the flash started and pieces seem to not fit that great. however it did go together quickly and once painted most of the faults seem to be lost. I chose to paint this model in a single color. I have seen pictures that indicate both with aand without a camo pattern were used.


Syr Hobbs said...

Nice kit Dave. It is fun seeing what all you are doing and I always learn so much! Keep up the great show! LOL

Is there a blog or place where you post your resources you use? If not it would be greatto see them with each new entry!


Dave said...

Thanks for the compliments, I am glad people are enjoying the site.It is been fun to put toether and I have also learned alot.

hope that is what you meant by resources. If it is not let me know.