Monday, June 18, 2007

Selous Scouts part 1

The Selous Scouts were a Regiment size unit that had a two fold mission. 1st it was a counter terr unit that operated with captured terrorist as part of the unit. 2ND mission was in an external role. In the external role Selous scouts often used vehicles painted to look like Mozambique army to infiltrate many kilometers deep into Mozambique. Bristling with weapons including 50 cal and rocket launchers . The operations were generally wildly successful in destroying guerrilla camps and disrupting Zanla operations. The scouts would dress in typical zanla/frelimo uniforms and carry communist weapons. Being a multiracial unit white members would were a dark camo face paint to hide their skin color.

These unimogs and men are both liberation miniatures. The standing figure is from their multipurpose range and is excellent for portraying white troops in soviet style equipment with out appearing too uniform. The 50 cal is one I had lying around from a previous buy. These are a work in progress since I am going to be adding more weapons to each truck. Syr hobbs does not carry the liberation range vehicles but Duane is happy to order them on a special order basis.


Syr Hobbs said...

Love the historical description dave. Very interesting! Thanks

Looks like a raid is in order for those babies!!!! : )

Great paint job, the dust on the tires is well done. Over all extremely effective!


Dave said...

There is some interesting raids I am trying to put into a scenario format. The best book on the subject is selous scouts top secret war by the Colonel of the Selous Scouts Ron Reid Daly. There is also a newer edition called pamwe chete.

thanks for the compliments on the vehicles!

Subadai said...

Hey Dave,
Sorry to use your blog for personal email, but I lost your email addy (again!). Please email me a list of the names of all the troop types, weapon types and comments of quality and differences between the forces. I started working on the "new and improved" version of Trial-By-Fire and I am really looking forward to playing a Rhodesia game using it now. I think we're going to get some great historical results.