Wednesday, May 13, 2009

army painter

I have wanted to try out the army painter system for some time now and here are the 1st 4 figures. They took a grand total of 15 minutes to paint I quite literally slopped the paint on them and then let the army painter do its thing. results are pretty good I think. However, I really enjoy painting so I am a little perplexed whether to keep going with this style. I have a weird feeling I'm cheating! I do think it will make some periods much more attainable.
The figures are painted in the style of the Royal Rhodesia Regt of the 1960's. after UDI was declared and prior to 1970? Rhodesia continued to have the Queen as official head of state. during this time the security forces looked much more like commonwealth forces form around the world.


The 25mm Warrior said...


Now tell me my dear Uncle...

Did the novelist think he was cheating when he first used a typewriter?

Did the bicyclist think he was cheating when he first used an automobile?

Did a hunter think he was cheating when he first used a gun?

Ease does not denote "cheating." Like painting all you want but if you use The Army Painter products it's important to remember why we use em. A cursory look at the products website tells us that it is a product that speeds up painting so you can have more time gaming while it produces a great looking army. Even it's results differ. If you look at my Orks and compare them to the Orks on The Army Painter site they look different. I still highlight where necessary and build upon basecoats (my flames of war figs start with a dark green base followed with a drybrush of green gray before they're dipped). I've found this just makes the dips overall finish look more stunning.

All I'm saying is that The Army Painter is yet another tecacular looking minis while cutting the time down considerably. Not to mention the dip works to blend colors as well, fixing slight whoopes on the mini.

Come on 'ol dog... it's time to start learning some new tricks:)

The 25mm Warrior said...

And by the way... those guys look great. 15 minutes = OUTSTANDING!!!

Also the way you paint comes out through the dip leaving the distinctive "Dave" look on em. The Army Painter can't shade away the painters hand.