Saturday, January 9, 2010

Kings Royal Rifle Corps

Here are the 1st 5 figures of the new year. Note the black belts and equipment and rifle green patch on side of helmet. 2nd five just need a dull coat and hopefully I will finish the last 8 this week. Figures are old glory 28mm figures which I like but with reservations. The helmet with pugree is not really correct for most units. Most wore a cover over the helmet which concealed the pugree. in case you don't know what a pugree is, it's that band in the middle of the helmet and was designed to help keep it cool. also I have seen a lot of pictures with the haversack worn on the back instead of the side. having said that they are good figures with a lot of character and poses are nice.
Having just criticized the pugree I noticed the picture on the front of the blog have it on!


Stryker said...

Nice paint job - what paint/shade did you use for the khaki and did you dip them?

I have wanted to collect a Boer War army for years but the choice of figures is very limited. At least those Old Glory ones have enough figure variations to give a good irregular look. What are the Boer figures like?


Dave said...

hi Ian thanks for the nice comments about the painting. yes it was dipped. I used vallejo 70977 desert yellow for the khaki color. if you look go back in my blog I have pictures of old glory boers posted.

regards Dave

ArmChairGeneral said...

Did the British use any of the old blue pants red coats against the Boers in the Transvall or were they all Tan like this?

Great job on the Tan and the purgee btw :)

Dave said...

no, it was a khaki war from all I have read. the color is limited to helmet tabs, guard hackles and highland kilts. having said that there are lots of differnt uniforms to make it interesting and troop types.

ArmChairGeneral said...

I thought so. Hmm.. guess I need to get some khakis painted up.