Saturday, January 9, 2010

new year part 2

Well, I meant to start a new theme year with a napoleonic army however,... I started reading a Wilbur Smith novel on South Africa and I was hooked! back to Africa for another year. so instead of starting a new theme which came mighty close I decided to return to my Boer war project and really flesh it out. I am still looking for a set of rules to use but have order the new set black powder so we will see how that goes. First 5 infantry for the new year are finished with a 2nd 5 just waiting on a dull coat.

Here is the planned order of battle for the British:
  • 3 infantry Brigades of around 20 figures to a battalion and 3 battalions to a brigade.
  • 1 guards , 1 Irish and 1 highlander brigades
  • 1 mounted infantry brigade of 4 battalions of 10 figures each
  • 1 South African, 1 Australian 1 yeomandry and 1 mounted infantry bn
  • 1 cavalry brigade of 1 lancer 1 hussar and 1 Canadian dragoons
  • 1 battery of RA and 1 of RHA

while I realize its not completely historical, it will give me a nice cross section of troops and nationalities and will help to keep my interest in painting. so far I have 1 battalion of Irish and am working on the second battalion plus 1 regiment of Australians. done. so hear 's to a new year.


ArmChairGeneral said...

What rules set are you using for your colonial battles? TSATF?

Dave said...

The one game we played so far was with TSATF but I would like to try black powder or something else. I really am looking for a set of rules that uses around 20-30 figures to represent a battalion. any suggestions?

ArmChairGeneral said...

I have not yet played it but Two Fat Lardies makes a colonial rules set that I have heard is a lot of fun. I am an old school TSATF gamer though. What if you converted the tables in TSATF to represent 20-30 figures for a battalion? You could say each stand of troops takes x hits? I do that with my VSF.

Dave said...

I will have to look for the lardies book I liked thier bmaso and TW&T rules. I was also considering the TSATF battalion rules set