Friday, May 18, 2007


The Rhodesian SAS were originally formed as C sqd Malaysian scouts (SAS). Part of the Commonwealth force That fought in Malaysia in the 1950's. The squadron was involved heavily in external operations throughout the Rhodesian war conducting operations in all the neighboring countries. All manner of transport were utilized from halo jumps to the famous SAS Land rovers.
These pictures are part of the liberation models line of 20mm figures. I originally was not going to buy these as I have looked at 100+ pictures of Rhodesian combat forces and have not seen a single pic of any infantry wearing berets. I have seen pics of Armoured car crews in the beret though. However, I read in Chris Cocks book that the RLI after 1978 were allowed to wear their berets in the field. Whether they did or not I have no idea. but if they were allowed other units also might have been allowed. it is plausible. also it looks cool. and that won in the end.