Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Originally manufactured in the closing days of world war 2, the Vampire was the original Rhodesian jet fighter. Superseded by the Hunter, the Vampire soldiered on in No. 2 squadron until the end of the war. 2 separate versions, the single seat FB.9 and the 2 seat trainer T.11 were used. The FB.9 was in effect a FB.5 version with air conditioning, not the most popular aircraft due to it's age and lack of ejector seats. the FB.9 was mostly retired by 1978. The T.11 and FB. 9 were both used in larger scale external raids.
This model is the Frog 1/72 scale kit. It went together fairly well although I'm no model builder . The one major fault is the pilot, it's so ugly even a mother (or modeler) couldn't love. Save your self the trouble and buy an after market one.

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