Thursday, March 8, 2007

1st Post

This little corner of the internet is concerned with my quaint hobby of miniature wargaming. why wargaming you ask ? I have no idea, except I love history and and the idea of replicating even a some part of it has had endless apeal. I started this blog to cover my current interest of 20mm modern skirmish wargames. and even more specificly the Rhodesian conflict of the 1970's. For quite a while (15 + years) I have had a interest in this conflict. but after finding Liberation miniature's excellent range I finally decided to start gaming this period.

Why Game this period?
1 interesting tactics. The Rhodesian armed forces were masters of COIn warfare. The fireforce concept of using airmoble and airborne infantry to surround an enemy set the standard by which all future COIN operations are conducted.

2 Interesting units . Rhodesian African rifles, Rhodesian Light Infantry, Selous Scouts , Special Air Service just to name a few of the units involved.

3 Small sized engagements. fire forces of 12 men going against 20-40 enemy were the standard size firefights although much larger engagements certainly took place.

4 unusual equipment. Alouette III , hawker hunters, canberrra bombers, Ferret scout cars vs all the standard east bloc equipment from the 50-60's .

future post will have bibliography, scenarios and lots of pictures


LSSAH said...

Dave, love the Rhodesia stuff, its been my main wargame interest for a few years now, I also use Rolfs figures, and I've got virtually the same figures and aircraft as yourself, Spooky!What rules are you using? Dougie.
P.S. I've posted photos of some of my stuff on the Showcase20 site but it appears to have been down for a couple of weeks now, thers also some phots of my figs in the gallery on RH Models website. Keep up the good work!

Dave said...

Dougie thanks for the kind words. I have seen samples of your painting and they are impressive! I have used David Manley's Rules Fireforce and they are working out well. We have added a couple of new rules to add " Chrome" but pretty good for a free set.
I'm toying with the idea of publishing a wargamers guide to the period.