Saturday, March 10, 2007


The Alouette III made up the vast majority of Rhodesian Helicopter assets. grouped together in 7 squadron Rhodesian Air Force.

This model is a 1/72 Heller Alouette. per RH models they have a supply of them although I have had problems finding them in the states. I have 3 and picked them up off of ebay. Luckily they are not that expensive I got them for under $ 12.00 for the 3.
The model goes together really well. A note on Rhodesian air force markings, as far as I can tell Aircraft and helicopters did not carry the roundel insignia during the height of the war. Bonus, no expensive decals to try and locate!

To make the model truly authentic large air filters would need to be placed over the intakes and I am going to try this in the future but that's a latter project. also the machine gun is a soviet 12.7 that I had left over from a t 62 I built. this is as far as I know wrong and I am going to try for future builds to make more realistic weapons.
The only other modification made is cutting out the side door. I will do this all subsequent models as well as doing both sides on a couple of models

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