Friday, March 16, 2007

C.K. Smith' s Book list

Here are the sources that I recommend (borrow these inter-library loan at yourpubluc library and read and copy what you need, they are too expensive to gethere in the U.S.):See You in November by Peter Stiff (undercover CIO operative engaging in covertattacks against ZIPRA in Zambia -- Good Ideas for RPG play)The Elite by Barbara Cole (Rhodesian SAS -- Good information on Cross Border["externals"] operations)Pamwe Chete by Ron Reid-Daly (the updated version of "Selous Scouts: Top SecretWar", great for Selous Scout operations both internal and external")Chopper Boys by Al J. Venter (necessary for RLI Fire Force operations, but youcan get the JRT Wood articles that make-up the core of the Rhodesian part ofthis for free on-line)The Osprey Book is okay, but there is nothing there that cannot be found online(I own all 3 of the Modern African Wars series and find the Rhodesian one to bethe weakest one of the three)We Are Everywhere: Narratives from Rhodesian Guerrillas by Michael Raeburn(formerly published as "Blackfire!")Books that add interesting flavor but might not be directly applicable togaming:One Commando by Dick GledhillFireforce by Chris CocksWhite Tribe by Robin Moore (formerly published as "The Crippled Eagles")Mukiwa by Peter GodwinDon't Lets Go To The Dogs Tonight by Alexandra FullerMugabe: Power & Plunder in Zimbabwe by Martin MeredithBitter Harvest: The Great Betrayal and the Dreadful Aftermath by Ian SmithI own all of the above (many purchased when I was in South Africa in 2002), butI have not been able to obtain copies of the two following that are consideredto be the quintiscential references:Rhodesians Never Die by Peter Godwin and Ian HancockThe Past Is Another Country by Martin Meredith

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