Saturday, March 10, 2007


The Rhodesian armoured car Regt was equipped with a wide arrange of vehicles. This included South African made Panhard 90 armed with a 90mm gun and the British made Ferret armoured car equiped with a MG, also where various makes of locally produced anti mine warfare vehicle and a locally made APC called the "pig". The Regt was used for both internal and external raids into Mozambique. By the end of the war 8+ t-55 were acquired by Rhodesia but only saw limited service.
I know of only 1 potential engagement fought between Mozambique T-54 and PAnhard's. I do not believe any shots where exchanged as fire from 25lb Artillery caused the T-54 to retreat prior to engagement.

This model is a Liberation figures Ferret with turret. I can't say enough good things about Liberation figures and especially syr hobbs wargames which sells their products in the US.

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