Saturday, March 10, 2007


The light aircraft used as spotter and light attack craft were a part of 4 squadron Rhodesian Air force. The primary types used included a Percival Provost an aircraft used for primary flight training throughout the 50's-60's in most commonwealth air forces. and used as a trainer by 6 squadron. Aeromacchi/Lockeed 260 known as Trojan by the Rhodesians and the Cessna 337 skymaster made under license in France by Rhiems known in Rhodesia as a Lynx.Shown here are 2 shots of a 1/72 Skymaster I acquired on ebay. Armament consisted primarily of 37mm rockets, Frantans which were locally produced napalm and Machine guns.
I wish I could remember the name of the company that produced the model but I have since thrown out the box. the model went together fairly quickly but the side windows fogged pretty good after I assembled the top wings with the fuselage. Also it has a pretty wicked warping onthe pylons connecting the fuselage to the rear flight controls. otherwise fairly decent model that works for a wargaming piece.

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