Saturday, March 10, 2007


currently I am working on finishing a complete fireforce. Each fireforce would have 1 K car (command helicopter armed with a 20 mm cannon) 3-5 G cars (troop caring helicopter armed with mag or 50 cal MG's) a light Recce /COIN aircraft of which there were several types. and 1 Dakota c47/dc 3 carring 18-20 paratroopers.

Helicopters used by the Rhodesian Air Force were the Alouette III capable of caring 4 troopers each. or after 1978 the AB 2o5 which off the top of my head carries 8 although I will double check that figure when I get some models of those.

The bulk of the fireforce effort was borne by the Rhodesian Light Infantry and later the Rhodesian African Rifles. although some other units also participated.

the Concept was that through recon by other units. a body of guerrillas were located, at which time a fireforce would be activated. strategically based at forward airfields through out the country. the fireforce commander in the K car would position sticks of men from each helicopter also called stops around a suspected area. if paratroopers were also being used they would form a stop line that would prevent the guerrilla's from escaping as the heliborne infantry moved in.

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