Sunday, March 11, 2007


Figures: so Far the only figures I have used are Liberation miniatures. I am a big fan of both sculpting, range availability and customer service. In the US that has been Syr Hobbs Wargames, Duane has been really great on special orders and promptness in getting orders out.

The African range is extensive and multiple figure packs are usable. My one quibble with this love fest is the Rhodesians.There are not enough styles available. I hope more packs will be coming out but there are numerous ideas for figures that still need to see the light of day. Greys Scouts on horse back and dismounted. Long pants and caps. para helmets with long pants would be great as well. Rhodesian African Rifles in caps and mixed shorts/ long pants. Eland 90"s and a specially made 20mm cannon for the alouette and gunner figures would be fantastic.

Overall great range.

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