Saturday, March 10, 2007


These figures can be used to represent Frelimo or ZIPRA troops. Frelimo were the Mozambique troops that can to power after the Portuguese left. The actual guerrilla troops were from 2 faction that divided on tribal lines. The ZIPRA and ZANLA, both sides hated each other and there where numerous "dirty tricks" between the two.

Uniforms where pretty mixed. khaki and olive green where common, left over Portuguese camo and east German rain pattern. I painted the medium brown with the rain pattern in mind but if any one has a better idea I'm all ears!

Rhodesian security forces where involved in many clashes with Frelimo forces both during internal and external operations.

Zipra where the smaller of the 2 guerrilla movements. st ageing out of Zambia they had Soviet and Warsaw Pact advisers and tried to build a conventional army to conqueror the country. This force never came in to play as elections stopped the fighting prior to their deployment.

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