Friday, March 23, 2007

Game on 3/22/07

This series of posts is about a game that was played between Chris H. Author of a great new set of miniature rules that are forthcoming and myself. (your welcome for the plug)
The rules set was Fireforce found for free on David Manley's site. The figures are all Liberation miniatures 20mm figures. The aircraft are a mix of airfix and heller 1/72. Due to my limitations on the computer start reading the posts at #1 and continue on to 12.

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Brian said...


I have been interested in the Bush Wars in Rhodesia for sometime now, and was referred to your blog from Liberation Miniatures. I noticed you used the FireForce did you like them? I've read them, but haven't used them yet. I also have:
Disposable Heroes SOCWAD
At Close Quarters
Arc of Fire
Over There
Various other "free" rules as well...

Thanks for the GREAT info!