Monday, March 26, 2007

Rhodesian Air Force

This is a partial list of the available aircraft in 1/72 scale.
1 squadron fighter : flew Hawker Hunter FGA .9 available from airfix
2 squadron fighter/trainer: DH Vampire F.9. Frog and airfix makes F.5. The F.9 is a tropicalized F.5. Trainer variant is tandem seated T.11 there is a model available unknown maker.
3 squadron transport: C-47 / DC-3 Italeri, Esci, testors
4 squadron COIN: Provost, Cessna 337, Matchbox makes a Provost. Arii makes cessna. Airfix makes an o-2 which is a militarized cessna
5 squadron Bomber: Canberra airfix
6 Squadron Training: Provost . matchbox
7 squadron Helicopter: Alouette III Heller makes several versions of this helicopter
8 squadron Helicopter: AB205 Italian built version of huey. esci
this list is NOT comprehensive I am still working on it and as additions to it become known I will add them on.

all of the above can usually be found on ebay
a good website on vampires

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