Saturday, March 17, 2007

C.K.'s Book list part 2

Someone Elses War: Mercenaries from 1960 to the Present by Anthony Rogers(published in 1998 has a pretty fair overview of Rhodesia and the transition ofsome into the SADF after 1980. Not as good as Anthony Mockler's "The NewMercenaries" or Peter Tickler's "The Modern Mercenary" but both of those are outof print)No Mean Soldier by Peter McAleese (professional soldier serving in British SASand then Angola, Rhodesia, South Africa and Columbia. 25% of the book dealswith his time in Rhodesia)Dead Leaves by Dan Wylie (somewhere between "Fireforce" and "Mukiwa" in gamingrelevance deals with the diary of a Rhodesian National Serviceman and his twoyears of "call-up")Echoes of an African War by Chas Lotter (coffee table book of poetry and picsfrom the Rhodesian war. The poetry is pretty bad, but the pics are from thepersonal collections of the likes of Chris Cocks and Ron Reid-Daly)WAR DOG: Fighting Other People's Wars -The Modern Mercenary in Combat by AlVenter (good book but deals more with modern period, if you are looking forsource Rhodesian info this is not the place)Other books I don't own on the topic but want:So Far and No Further! by JRT WoodBritain's Rebel Air Force: The War from the Air in Rhodesia 1965-1980 by Nesbit& othersThe Rain Goddess by Peter StiffThe War Diaries of Andre Dennison edited by JRT WoodServing Secretly: An Intelligence Chief on Record Rhodesia into Zimbabwe1964-1981 by Ken FlowerSurvival Course by Chris CocksRed Zambezi by Joe Hale

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Shelldrake said...

I found a book being released in June here in Australia... not sure if it has been released anywhere else yet, and it comes with a DVD:

scroll down to "The Saints"